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Authentic, Durable and Sustainable Wood Furniture

Dusty Workbench is a small woodworking business in the East End of Ottawa that prides itself in creating solid wood furniture to last the test of time. 

What we do

We Build Authentic, Durable and Sustainable Furniture 

Dusty Workbench is a husband and wife team who has had a longtime passion for creating beautiful, solid wood furniture lasting generations. It is with this passion and dedication that it is able to offer original pieces that will no doubt enhance any home decor based on personal design visualization.


Dusty Workbench prides itself of using local sourced sawmills in the build of its furniture. These mills produce their lumber from trees grown in the region and follow world leading sustainable forest management.


Using locally sourced wood keeps the transportation of raw materials to a minimum.

No unnecessary packaging is keeping waste out of our landfills.

We use Eco-friendly finishes with low VOCs, keeping the environment eco-friendly.


Dusty Workbench believes quality last for a lifetime. This is why we ensure our builds are durable and reflect quality, not quantity.

We take the time to ensure that every piece of furniture meets the highest standard of quality.

why we do it

We’ve been there

In our experience, the majority of furniture we bought never lasted more than a few years before ending up in the landfill. The material used has no, to little option of recycling.

Our furniture is built right here in Orleans, Ontario where arrangements can be made for it to be delivered directly to your door,  without the use of any unnecessary packaging.

Furniture built to last and to be passed down from generation to generation. The only big difference between our projects and the ones purchased at your regular big box furniture store is once it finally reaches the end of its life, it can be re-purposed or recycled without harming the environment.

What We want 

We envision a sustainable planet where every home has trendy yet long lasting furniture, made locally and help  support our fellow businesses in our community and surrounding region. 

By using real wood from local forests that follow sustainable forest management practices, we are contributing to the conservation of our planet, protecting it from filling our landfills with unnatural products and providing our children with a brighter and healthier future.


What they say

Dog Crate Dusty Workbench

Yuri & Olga

Satisfied Customer

"It is absolutely perfect. We couldn't be happier."


Satisfied Customer
"Glowing reviews! He loves it and just told me it's the best present he's ever gotten. We are thrilled, and it looks fantastic on our deck!"

Agathe & Don

Satisfied Customer

"Thumbs up to DW for creating the perfect coffee table, entrance bench, and coat rack for my new home. The craftsmanship in the detailing and the stain colour was exactly what I was looking for. The table and bench are very solid and sized to what I personally needed. The customer service, and delivery was very efficient. I’ve already reached out to DW for them to build me a few more pieces of furniture. I highly recommend DW."


Satisfied Customer

"I want to thank dusty workbench for building such a solid piece of craftsmanship. They delivered exactly what I was looking for and very happy customer here. Already thinking of the next piece I want to get done. 

Thank you guys "