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Your source for authentic, sustainable, and durable home decor.

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All available home decor products can be found on our ETSY store or click here to contact us for personalized and/or local requests.

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What we do

Unique decor created and produced from our home.

Home decor made with Canadian sourced wood.

Style Your Home

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Perfect finish

All products are coated with a durable clear coat to help maintain its original beauty.

Organic Materials

Wood used in our products are from Canadian suppliers that follow forest sustainability practices.

Original Designs

We combine old materials with new technology to create unique home decor.

Tailored products upon request

Custom designs can be made to our line of products.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Sure you can get products from any home decor or dollar store that will look like any other home in your area. What if you want something unique yet in style with today's designs. That is where Dusty Workbench can help. We want to provide every home with unique home decor that will compliment there design.

We want to bring innovation

We want to use the latest and greatest technology to create your unique home decor.

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Find us here: Orleans, Ontario, Canada

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