I was always curious as to what it would be like to run a business of my own. My journey began when an opportunity was put in front of me to start a merchandising company. I had a successful business for 4 years and loved the freedom that came with my job. Once I had children, my priorities shifted and I had decided to put this part of my life aside to raise my children. After having the privilege of staying home with them until they were old enough to be at home by themselves after school, I was presented with a job opportunity that provided financial security and benefits. Twelve years later, my boys are no longer children but have grown to be beautiful souls and are getting ready to make their own mark in this world. SO.... my husband and I have decided to start our own business again - this time doing something we both really enjoy, woodworking. I look forward to sharing my journey with you in hopes that it will guide you and provide you with the inspiration to start your own business.


Paul is a Registered Nurse with a passion for craftsmanship and artistry. The business specializes in laser engraving and cutting, utilizing a 100w CO2 laser and a Longmill CNC for carving. Paul's artistic pursuits extend beyond laser work to include diverse techniques such as epoxy use, sublimation, and working with various materials.

The essence of Dusty Workbench is captured on its website,, where a range of handcrafted products is showcased. The website serves as a platform for customers to explore and purchase these unique art pieces designed for home use.

In addition to the product-focused site, features blogs and videos that provide insights into Paul's creative processes and projects. This not only adds a personal touch but also serves as an educational resource for those interested in similar crafts.

Paul has taken his passion further by establishing a YouTube channel under the Dusty Workbench brand. Here, he shares visual content, offering a more immersive experience into the world of laser engraving, carving, and other artistic endeavors.

Beyond self-promotion, Paul has initiated another website, a YouTube channel, and podcasts called Makers Unleashed. Through these platforms, he interviews local artisans, aiming to showcase their work and enhance their social exposure within the community. This collaborative effort demonstrates a commitment to fostering a supportive and interconnected creative community.

Overall, Dusty Workbench is not just a business; it's a testament to Paul's dedication to craftsmanship, creativity, and community building. Whether through the creation of unique art pieces or the promotion of fellow artisans, Dusty Workbench reflects Paul's multifaceted approach to his passions.

Paul and Brenda DustyWorkbench